«Installation of solar vacuum collectors for the full coverage of hot water needs, solar cooling with an absorption chiller and support of heating with the remaining thermal energy» in the Thematic Area Renewable Energy -PROGRAMME GR-03


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Sub-project 1: Supply & Installation of Solar Collectors Vacuum Systems & Measurement Equipment

The interventions have been implemented in the General Hospital of Kozani “Mamatseio” and the General Hospital of Ptolemaida “Bodossakio”

General Hospital Kozani “Mamatseio”

  • Four independently active solar systems.
  • Vacuum collectors: 370 pieces with a surface of 4,85m2 each, with a total collector area of 1.794,5m2
  • Mounting in five hospital roofs
  • Water storage tanks as a heat transfer medium / suitable capacity
  • Hot Water Boilers / Suitable capacity use / Plate heat
  • Circulators
  • Expansion tanks
  • Other equipment like boiler
  • Absorption chiller water fired
  • Cooling tower

General Hospital Ptolemaida “Mpodosakeio”

  • Vacuum collectors: 320 pieces with a surface of 4,85m2 each, with a total collector area of 1552m2
  • Mounting in the hospital roof
  • Water storage tanks as a heat transfer medium / Suitable capacity
  • Boilers hot water / Suitable capacity / Plate heat
  • Circulators
  • Expansion tanks
  • Other equipment like boiler
  • Absorption chiller water fired
  • Cooling tower

Two integrated metering systems, one for each hospital.

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Sub-project 2: Consulting Services

Regular reports-tracking of the implementation of Sub-Project 1. Comprehensive maintenance work with written contributions. Reports of energy measurements, processing, evaluation and energy analysis assessment report.

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Sub-project 3: Training actions, dissemination, networking, information and publicity

The training activities, dissemination, networking, information and publicity are summarized in:

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Sub-project 4: Bilateral Relations General Hospital “Mamatseio-Bodossakio” with Donor Countries Themes for RES within the EEA FM 2009-14 / GR-03

The sub-project concerns the organisation of two technical meetings between the staff of the G.H. “Mamatseio-Bodossakio” and the involved experts of AVENTA S.A. The two meetings will take place in:

1. Ptolemaida, R.U. of Kozani, Greece

2. Oslo, Norway

In detail, the two meetings are as follows:

1. Two-day meeting in the towns Ptolemaida and Kozani within the Regional Unit of Kozani between the G.H. Staff and the corresponding experts of AVENTA S.A. The meeting agenda includes:

Α. Aventa AS, in cooperation with the hospital’s energy consultant, will record observations and remarks on the installation of solar vacuum collectors work in the General Hospital Mamatseio – Bodossakio for its optimisation, in the framework of know-how and expertise transfer.

Β. The same report will assess the feasibility of the visit in Greece and will record the prospects or obstacles in the negotiations for the dissemination of its products in Greece and the possibility of concluding partnerships or the potential of setting up manufacturing unit of solar panels.

C. AVENTA SA will present its products in the Conference which is addressed to technical managers and administrators of hospitals within the3rd Health District of Macedonia, implemented under the sub-project 3.

2. Three-day meeting in Oslo (Norway) between the G.H.’s Staff and the corresponding experts of AVENTA S.A. The meeting agenda includes:

Α. The G.H.’s Staff group are welcomed in the headquarters of AVENTA SA in Oslo, receiving a detailed presentation of the company profile, main activities and production line

Β. Field visit at projects and applications implemented by the company in the wider area

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Project Planning

Hospital of Kozani ‘Mamatseio‘ and Hospital of Ptolemaida ‘Bodossakio‘, are operating in one of the most polluted environmental areas in Greece, due to gaseous emissions.

The common management and employees at the two hospitals, active members of the community of the Regional Unit of Kozani, applying an intervention plan, along with the continuous improvement of health services will result in significant energy savings and consequent significant reduction in energy costs of the two hospitals and will reduce the emission of air pollutants at local level.

As an alternative to district heating and oil boilers, the use of solar energy is undertaken in accordance with the design, to fully meet the needs of hospitals, in hot water, but also to cover a significant part of the heating and cooling needs.

The installation of solar systems, allows both hospitals to eliminate the use of oil for heating water during summer, when the district heating is disabled. Meanwhile, this system will significantly reduce the use of electricity for cooling purposes within the same period, while reducing the need for district heating during winter.


The intervention plan has initially set the immediate objective of saving energy and reducing the emission of air pollutants. The implementation of the Project, the active solar installations and solar cooling is the first and crucial step in this direction.

The main objective of the project, however, is to act as a demonstration project for the implementation of Renewable Energy Sources, in a region where energy is produced by burning fossil fuels, being a significant proportion of the total electricity produced in Greece.

The main goal of the staff and administration of the two hospitals is, via this project, to communicate to the citizens of the area the message of balanced development, with the implementation of applications for Renewable Energy Sources in business and mainly in houses, as a counter action for the aforementioned environmental pressure.


The joint administration of both hospitals has enabled the coordination of environmental planning. The philosophy and objectives of the project, approved by the 3rd Health District of Macedonia which having administrative jurisdiction over the two hospitals.
The intervention plan was selected to be funded 100% by the programme “EEA FM 2009-2014 (FINANCIAL MECHANISM OF THE EUROPEAN ECONOMIC AREA) Subject Area: GR03 – Renewable Energy Sources” with a total budget of 1,513,742.85 EUR (excluding VAT), as one of the ten total assistance projects in Greece, by the countries of the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area: Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland.
During September 2016 – April 2017, on the roofs of the hospital Kozani ‘Mamatseio’ and in the Ptolemaida Hospital ‘Bodossakio’, the installation of solar vacuum collectors was realised and since then the system is fully operating.


The two public hospitals are the first and only in Greece, that produce cooling from the sun. The installation of vacuum solar collectors will heat water to a temperature up to 95℃. The water of this temperature, is led to absorption chiller producing 7℃ cold water, which is used to cool the internal areas of each hospital. Conventional chillers using electricity will barely function or in the best case scenario, there will be no need to function at all.

The aim of the program was to introduce RES technology that would avoid CO2 emissions of 316 tonnes per year and the reduction of consumed energy from lignite combustion and from diesel equal to 1,149.80 MWh / year.

The evaluation of the efficiency of the solar collector systems, of each of the two hospitals and the relevant calculations of the energy benefit, i.e. the total consumption of renewable energy, were carried out.
Τhe calculations of the environmental benefit by the consequent avoidance of CO2 emissions from the substitution of conventional thermal and electricity with renewable energy produced were carried out. The study and the relevant calculations show that the objectives of the Program are overachieved as shown on the following table:


Index Name (or Description)

measurement unit

Target value


of events




1. Estimated
Total Renewable Energy Consumption




1.1 Estimated consumption of renewable


1.2 Estimated consumption of renewable thermal
energy (buildings)




1.3 Estimated consumption of renewable thermal
energy (building complex)


2. Estimated
reduction or avoidance of CO2 emissions.




At the same time the two hospitals will save money, which can fund the provision of better health services to the residents of the Regional Unit.

Photo Gallery – News

1 – Dismantling inactive solar panels in HospitalBodossakio

2 – Installation of solar panels in HospitalMamatseio

3 – Installation of project billboards

4 – Conference for the project presentation, 29 November 2016

5 – Installation of solar vacuum collectors in G.H. Bodossakio

6-Establishment of the machinery space in G.H. Bodossakio

7- Establishment of the machinery space in G.H. Mamatseio

8 – Bilateral relations

Meeting in Ptolemaida & Kozani

Meeting at the offices of Aventa AS

Visit at a multi-family residential building in Oslo, Bjornveien 119

Visit at Ilseng Prison

Visit at the construction site of Bjorkelangen School

9– Conference for the project presentation 28/03/2016

10 – Training seminar on the use of IT tool


Kozanis' Hospital «Mamatsio»

Κ.Mamatsiou 1, PC50100, Kozani
Tel: 24613 52600 – Fax: 24613 52618

Ptolemaida's Hospital «Bodossakio»

Kouri, PC50200, Prolemaida
Tel: 24633 51100 – Fax: 24633 51502